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JP-2016063907-A: 弾球遊技機 patent, JP-2016064428-A: 初層スラリー用耐火セラミックフィラー及びそれを用いた精密鋳造用鋳型 patent, JP-2016065574-A: 歯車伝動装置 patent, JP-2016066295-A: Management device, information processing device, control method of management device, control method of information processing device, and program patent, JP-2016066868-A: Camera travel device patent, JP-2016067716-A: Electronic game device and electronic game program patent, JP-2016068306-A: Reaction liquid and recording method patent, JP-2016069169-A: Paper sheet feeding device patent, JP-2016069298-A: Aerosol spray hairdressing agent patent, JP-2016069572-A: 下地シート patent, JP-2016071135-A: 描画方法 patent, JP-2016071404-A: 情報処理システム、情報処理方法、および、情報処理プログラム patent, JP-2016072544-A: Review device patent, JP-2016073373-A: 心電図表示装置 patent, JP-2016073532-A: スロットマシン patent, JP-2016074132-A: Lamination molding apparatus patent, JP-2016074814-A: Double-sided adhesive tape, manufacturing method of double-sided adhesive tape, adhesive method and separation method patent, JP-2016075307-A: C ring with spring patent, JP-2016076390-A: 端子接続構造 patent, JP-2016077731-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2016078724-A: Work machine for mine patent, JP-2016078781-A: Photovoltaic power generation device patent, JP-2016078836-A: Power outlet tray for automobile patent, JP-2016080635-A: Structure monitoring device and structure monitoring method patent, JP-2016080684-A: ガスセンサ patent, JP-2016080750-A: 音声認識装置、音声認識方法、及び音声認識プログラム patent, JP-2016081044-A: コンテンツ制御装置及びコンテンツ制御プログラム patent, JP-2016081115-A: 表示機、遠隔操作表示システム及び遠隔操作変換プログラム patent, JP-2016081348-A: Information processing system, information processing apparatus, control server, generation server, operation control method, and operation control program patent, JP-2016081823-A: 電線モジュール patent, JP-2016082176-A: 高保磁力磁石の製造方法 patent, JP-2016082599-A: Thermophotovoltaic power generation device patent, JP-2016082956-A: コンバイン patent, JP-2016083048-A: ゲームプログラム patent, JP-2016084339-A: 脂肪酸チタンの製造方法 patent, JP-2016084617-A: 作業車両 patent, JP-2016085086-A: 分注装置及び臨床検査装置 patent, JP-2016085235-A: Sheet conveyance apparatus, image forming apparatus, sheet characteristic estimation method and sheet characteristic estimation program patent, JP-2016085615-A: 情報取得システム、サーバ及び情報提供プログラム patent, JP-2016086219-A: 中継装置、中継システム、中継方法、及び、プログラム patent, JP-2016086365-A: Video conference system with magnified image transmission function patent, JP-2016086694-A: 核酸増幅方法 patent, JP-2016086932-A: Image processing device, radiation tomography apparatus, and program patent, JP-2016087068-A: 髪用塗布具 patent, JP-2016087325-A: 胸部動態撮影支援システム patent, JP-2016087380-A: Spinal exerciser patent, JP-2016088443-A: Marine work system of undersea structure and marine constructing method patent, JP-2016088651-A: Paper feeder patent, US-2670248-A: Scaffold bracket patent, JP-2016090297-A: Underground radar device patent, JP-2016090325-A: 磁気センサ patent, JP-2016090639-A: 金属線を有する基材の製造方法、偏光素子および電極基板 patent, JP-2016091517-A: Input/display device and image forming apparatus patent, JP-2016091650-A: Push-button device patent, JP-2016092049-A: セラミックス金属接合体およびこれを用いた回路基板 patent, JP-2016092427-A: 搬送装置、組立装置および組立方法 patent, JP-2016093048-A: Solar cell string working point detection method, solar cell string problem detection method, system and device patent, JP-2016093225-A: Medical observation device, medical video-microscopy device and medical video-microscopy system patent, JP-2016093455-A: Pachinko game machine patent, JP-2016094220-A: マイクロ波吸収包装体およびそれを具備した電子レンジ加熱調理用容器と加熱調理方法 patent, JP-2016096078-A: 電気接点およびその製造方法 patent, JP-2016096663-A: Rotary electric machine system patent, JP-2016098408-A: Method for flocculating iron ore fine particle in iron ore suspended sludge water, method for recovering the same, and method for producing sintered ore using the recovered iron ore patent, JP-2016098632-A: Toilet bowl device patent, JP-2016098755-A: Engine oil deterioration determination method patent, JP-2016100492-A: フレキシブルプリント配線板、プリント配線板モジュール及びプリント配線板モジュールの製造方法 patent, JP-2016101318-A: Medicine storage device patent, JP-2016103898-A: Rotor for rotary electric machine and rotary electric machine including the same patent, JP-2016104610-A: カウルカバー patent, JP-2016104898-A: ヒーターチューブ patent, JP-2016105669-A: ケーブルクランプ patent, JP-2016107260-A: Nox occlusion reduction type catalyst, production method therefor, and nox removal method using the same patent, JP-2016108013-A: Packaging container patent, JP-2016108520-A: Dispersant patent, JP-2016109037-A: 内燃機関の制御装置 patent, JP-2016109425-A: Optical sensor device, paper type determination device, and image forming apparatus patent, JP-2016109463-A: 検査システム、及び検査方法 patent, JP-2016109589-A: 巻真、切替機構、ムーブメント、及び時計 patent, JP-2016111094-A: Method of manufacturing circuit board patent, JP-2016111351-A: Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, module, and electronic equipment patent, JP-2016111483-A: 画像処理装置、画像処理方法及びプログラム patent, JP-2016112907-A: Vehicle cargo chamber lighting device patent, JP-2016113329-A: Ferrite core, electronic component and power supply device patent, JP-2016113359-A: Composition, lithium ion secondary battery electrode, lithium ion secondary battery and composition production method patent, JP-2016114960-A: 回転体およびその軸受を含む設備の診断方法と診断システム patent, JP-2016115025-A: 決済システム patent, JP-2016116461-A: 細胞判定方法、細胞数計測方法 patent, JP-2016116615-A: Motion analysis device, motion analysis system, motion analysis method, and program patent, JP-2016116858-A: Far field-insensitive intracardiac catheter electrodes patent, JP-2016117133-A: 軟質材針式ステープラ patent, JP-2016117596-A: Polymer for cement admixture, cement admixture and cement composition patent, JP-2016117650-A: Absorbent for oral administration, as well as therapeutic agent for renal disease and therapeutic agent for hepatic disease patent, JP-2016117692-A: 毛髪化粧料 patent, JP-2016117869-A: Resin composition for semiconductor adhesion and semiconductor device patent, JP-2016118878-A: Electronic booking system and slip information management method patent, JP-2016118939-A: Electronic device and control program thereof patent, JP-2016120259-A: Method for preventing furniture overturning and structure thereof patent, JP-2016122918-A: ウェアラブルカメラ patent, JP-2016123753-A: 鞄 patent, JP-2016126072-A: 表示装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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